What we can't do!

We are experts in industrial machinery and work equipment. Our core competence is in the EU Machinery Directive and related standards and regulations. We have some competence in related areas such as EMC and PED and we have relationships with companies that specialise in those areas, so we can offer a complete package by working with them.

We are unlikely to be able to provide competent advice about electrical or gas fuelled consumer products or medical devices, although we do like to be helpful and we may be able to point you in a useful direction.

We are also not competent to deal with most things that move themselves around on wheels.

We have a broad knowledge of all aspects of Industrial Health and Safety but some are outside our detailed experience. Where we identify potential issues, we will bring them to your attention even if we cannot immediately address them ourselves. We can often suggest specialists who can deal with these aspects.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you help with CE marking of the consumer product which I have designed?
A. Much consumer equipment falls within the scope of the Low Voltage CE marking Directive. We have some knowledge of this but we are not experts. Formal laboratory testing is often required. Some consumer equipment falls within the scope of Machinery Directive.
If we cannot help you, we may be able to suggest someone who can.

Q. Can you carry out EMC testing?
A. We cannot carry out EMC testing ourselves, but we have relationships with laboratories which can.
For Industrial Equipment which essentially consists of an assembly of third party items, EMC testing may not be necessary. In this case we can help with compilation of a Technical File justifying your claim to compliance with the EMC Directive.


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