Safety Surveys

SafeMech can carry out safety surveys of individual pieces of equipment or whole workplaces.

A safety survey can highlight areas of weakness in the safety of your work equipment. It is a wise investment to avoid future problems from accidents and injuries or lost productivity.

If required, we can make inspections, assessments and surveys specifically to meet the requirements of Provision and Use of Work equipment Regulations (PUWER) and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR).

SafeMech will provide a professionally presented and documented report with suggested remedial actions if required.

Where necessary we can make technical checks such as electrical tests, stopping time measurements or noise measurements.


Frequently asked Questions

Q. We carry out our own regular safety  checks. Why would we want you to repeat them?
A. An independent safety survey will often highlight problems that would not be noticed by your own staff either because they are not aware of current or common practices elsewhere, or because "it has always been done like that"! 


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