Declaration of Conformity

SafeMech can ensure that your Declaration of Conformity meets the requirements of all relevant Directives to avoid problems with enforcement authorities.

Declaration of ConformityA Declaration of Conformity (DOC) is a manufacturers declaration that their product is in conformity with all relevant Directives.

Any product which carries a CE marking should also have a DOC which essentially explains what the CE marking actually means for that equipment.

A DOC clearly mentions which equipment it applies to, down to serial number is necessary. It contains references to all relevant Directives and also harmonised standards which are an important basis for conformity. The signatory must be clearly identified and must be a person with direct management responsibility for the product.

There are some variants of the DOC, for example Machinery Directive includes the possibility of a Declaration of Incorporation for incomplete items which although machinery with their own safety considerations, have no function of their own until incorporated into other equipment.

SafeMech has templates for design and content of a Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Incorporation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Must I include a DOC with each item I produce?
A. The Machinery Directive requires you to include a copy of the DOC in the user instructions. Other Directives vary in their requirements but you should prepare at least a master DOC before you place a product on the market in the EU.

Q. Which standards should I quote on a DOC?
A. There is no absolute answer to this and practices vary. Our preferred approach is to only quote highly relevant C type standards, C type standards used for a presumption of conformity and major B type standards which are very relevant to conformity for this equipment. For example for EMC compliance it will be useful to know if the standards used are for domestic or industrial use.
Most standards have substantial cross references to other standards so by quoting one, you are by implication quoting the normative references as well.


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