Authorised Representative services

SafeMech can fulfil the role of Authorised Representative or simply the role of Person Authorised to compile the Technical File. We would not act as full commercial representative but could handle technical aspects of compliance if required.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requires that a Declaration of Conformity must state an EU address from which enforcement authorities can obtain a copy of the Technical File for the Equipment. This is called the "Person authorised to compile the Technical File".

This requirement is likely to be extended to other CE marking Directives in future.

The Directive also allows for a manufacturer established outside the EU to act as their "Authorised Representative" within the EU. The role of Authorised Representative can be defined by contract and could stretch from full commercial representation to only acting as Person authorised to compile the Technical File.

We do not charge the silly fees demanded by some organisations!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary for a manufacturer outside the EU to appoint an Authorised Representative?
A. It is not necessary to appoint an Authorised Representative but it is necessary to include an EU address from which a copy of the Technical File can be obtained on your Declaration of Conformity.


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