Machinery Inspections

Before you buy either a new or used, secondhand, piece of machinery or other work equipment, you may want a competent independent inspection to be made.

SafeMech can provide a quick and cost effective machinery inspection service.

 RivetsAn independent inspection gives you an assurance that you are buying good quality equipment which can immediately put into service, or it will give you an idea what work you will need to carry out once you have bought it.

If you are selling equipment to an overseas buyer, an independent inspection can give them confidence that they are buying a  good machine.

Compliance of equipment to order specifications can be a major problem, especially with Asian manufacturers. We can make a pre-shipment inspection against a specification to make sure you will get what you ordered. The cost of receiving equipment which does not meet your specifications can completely dwarf the cost of an inspection, even if it involves overseas travel.

We can also inspect existing equipment and make recommendations about how it can be improved.

Because our staff are qualified and experienced engineers we can report not just on safety compliance aspects of the machinery, but also general condition and capabilities.

An important aspect of our service is the ability to reconstruct lost documentation, for example, we can analyse and redraw electrical circuit diagrams, extract PLC programs or create new operation and maintenance manuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you only inspect equipment in the UK?
A. We have inspected equipment all over the world including China, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and United States of America. We are happy to travel anywhere worldwide.


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